Cracow University of Technology

Cracow University of Technology (CUT) is a university that for over 70 years educates national engineering staff and works on improving Polish technological thought. The CUT walls have left almost 100,000 graduates so far – very well prepared to perform the profession of engineers
and masters of Science. Qualified staff, orientation on innovation and cooperation
with industry, access to the latest technologies and contacts with universities around the world are trademarks of the Cracow University of Technology.
The university offers the opportunity to study stationary and non-stationary studies, as well as PhD and post-graduate studies. There are well-equipped laboratories waiting for students, including a unique Laboratory of Technoclimatic Research and Working Machines, the Lesser Poland Laboratory for Energy Saving Construction.
Students can develop their scientific interests in dozens of science clubs. BIM technology is part of the field of didactics and research in the faculties of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering.


The Association of Polish Engineers in Great Britain

The STP is the oldest Polish professional organisation in the UK, established by a group of Polish engineers in 1940. During the 75-years of activity, we have been uniting engineers, technicians, scientists and members of affiliated professions of Polish origin living in the territory of Great Britain. STP is a unique organisation with members at different level of experience from a vast area of disciplines.
One of main aims of STP is to assist members in developing their professional careers and to popularise science and technical knowledge. These are achieved by Technical Academy courses and Career Mentoring Programme that facilitates the adaptation of young engineers to British standards. Our members can benefit from receiving credentials required for Chartered Engineer (CEng). We also organise technical conferences and release of technical information. In addition, STP activities support personal and social development via soft skills trainings and workshops organised by Design Academy.


SMW Legal Stolarski, Majewski i Współpracownicy Kancelaria Radców Prawnych sp.p.


Kraków Technology Park

A special economic zone, technology incubator, seed fund, investor one-stop-shop, clusters, multimedia labs, research projects: these are the tools that let the Kraków Technology Park (KTP) support the development of Małopolska’s modern economy. In 2015, we also launched one of the most modern technology parks in Małopolska, designed for the ICT sector. We are a specialised institution operating in business environment.
We have developed an array of support for businesses at all stages of development. Every year more than 1500 enterprises take advantage of our proposals and we actively react to the changing expectations of our clients. We understand what business needs.
Let’s work together!


Małopolskie Centrum Budownictwa Energooszczędnego


Poznan University of Technology

Poznan University of Technology is a public technical university, conducting research and training in BSc, MSc, PhD engineering and postgraduate studies in twenty different directions, including the direction of Architecture and Urban Planning, Construction and Environmental Engineering in preparation for the design, construction, management, renovation, reinforcement and demolition of buildings and civil engineering structures, where the BIM technology is applicable.


Instytut Zarządzania w Budownictwie i Transporcie Politechniki Krakowskiej


KONFOTEKA Sp. z o.o.

Having celebrated its sixth anniversary in July this year, KONFOTEKA Sp. z o.o. offers its services in the area of complex support of special creative events, support of training sessions and conferences ordered by the Customers, as well as in support of the companies to the extent of Public Relations.

Our creative projects contain:

  • Designing the Future cyclic conference (4 editions);
  • Insurance & Reinsurance Days Conference (2 editions);
  • Women in the Insurance World Forum, 1st edition in 2017, preparing for the next one.

Our strong points:

  • Implementation of creative projects;
  • Complex support of events ordered by the Customers;
  • Public Relations;
  • Development of promotion and information materials;
  • Text drafting and proofreading

Kraków University of Economics

Kraków University of Economics was founded in 1925. This makes him the second oldest economic college in Poland. Currently, over 20,000 students study there, which means that the KUE is in the first place when it comes to the number of students in Poland (among universities devoted to economic sciences). As for the size, it is the third university in Krakow. Students can study in the level I, level II and level III courses. In addition, the university offers postgraduate and MBA courses. The University has five faculties: Economics and International Relations, Finance and Law, Public Economy and Administration, Commodity Science and Management.