Association Cluster of Information Technologies in Building Industry is the transregional network of cooperative links promoting open look at the use of innovative technologies in building industry, continually increasing with new members.

If you are interested in our Cluster membership, please read the following files. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Coordinator of the Cluster. We are happy to answer all your questions. Before contacting, please refer to the Statute of the Association and resolutions about membership fees.

Benefits of membership:

– Development of competence – Institutions and staff

– Ability to unite with a wide group of people – the best specialists in the field of construction and the new technologies,

– Current information from the country and the world,

– Ability to participate in the creation of professional and ethical standards,

– Exchange of knowledge and experience between members of the Cluster – networking, webinars,

– Discounts on conferences and seminars,

– Ability to place free ads,

– Increase the prestige of the company,

– Extensive business contacts.


Statues Association Cluster of Information Technologies

Code of conduct Association Cluster of Information Technologies

Application for Accession to BIM Klaster