BIM (Building Information Modeling)

BIM (Building Information Modeling) – This term appeared in the world in the early twenty-first century. Previously was known under the name BPM (Building Product Models). It’s really hard to characterize this abbreviation in the one sentence. It is also difficult to understand a direct translation. In the Internet, you can find many interpretations and descriptions. For us it means construction investment, which can be created in a virtual world starting from the concept to getting certificate of occupancy.

Object created fully in the BIM technology contains all possible to define parameters of the real object. This solution gives us a possibility to analyze much more information than it is possible with a project created in 2D. Moreover, project created in a standard way (2D) can be interpreted only by the people based on their experience, while for the project created in the BIM technology we get additional support (variety of automated reports which contains lot of detailed information). All of them allow us to save time and money and significantly improve the efficiency of our work.

Using BIM technology allows us much easier and faster:

– analyze the cost, the amount of material, the time required for supply all materials to the site,

– define all errors and inconsistencies in the project,

– create project of innovative building,

– prepare time schedule for General Contractor,

– and many, many other things …

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