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AMIGEO Migut Garstecki Sp. J.

AMIGEO Migut Garstecki Sp. J. based in Krakow. We are company that offers good, reliable solutions of the services related to widely understood surveying.
Our goal is to offer the best solution for all kinds of 2D and 3D maps, cadaster services, surveying engineering, GIS and real estate appraisal.
In the field of geomatics and remote sensing measurements we perform terrestrial laser scanning (TLS), aerial laser scanning (LIDAR) , terrestrial and aerial photogrammetry,
Our team is a highly trained and qualified group of specialists to carry out all types of measurements and to prepare materials in scope of DTM, GIS and BIM for existing objects facility and infrastructure.
We have a lot of experience in preparing data for development of high voltage power lines.



Projektowe Usługi komputerowe “Argas” founded by Eng. Robert Argasiński provide services on the market since 2005. We provide comprehensive services both of architecture and urban planning, together with their extensive infrastructure. Each project has its own rules. It is not just a collection of lines and shapes. We are starting to use actively BIM technology with laserscanning. This means that we care about the project from the first concept sketch, by the computer work and construction supervision.


Athenasoft Sp. z o.o.

Athenasoft is a leading producer of software for the construction industry in Poland. For 20 years we have been delivering IT systems intended for cost estimation and supporting investment process management. The most recognizable Athenasoft products are the cost estimation programs Norma (Norma EXPERT, Norma PRO and Norma STANDARD 2).We also offer IT tools to support designing in Miara PRO, CAD Rysunek. We maintain and develop the website, where we offer access to the largest Polish price database in the construction industry, containing 150,000 prices of materials, equipment operation, labor and aggregation prices.We also publish an electronic quarterly called “Buduj z Głową” (Build Wisely) for 8,000 readers. This publication includes information on amendments to the law, articles regarding leading topics in the construction sector, opinions of cost estimation experts. The reliability of Athenasoft and quality of its products were confirmed with numerous awards and distinctions such as gold medals of the International Construction and Architecture Fair BUDMA in the years 2003, 2005 and 2009, awards in the “Fair Play”, “Gazele Biznesu” (Business Gazelles) and “Orły Budownictwa” (Construction Eagles) competitions and many other industrial events. In 2006 Athenasoft joined Microsoft Certified Gold Partners.

Bentley Systems

Bentley Systems is the leading global provider of software solutions to engineers, architects, geospatial professionals, constructors, and owner-operators for the design, construction, and operations of infrastructure. Bentley’s MicroStation-based engineering and BIM applications, and its digital twin cloud services, advance the project delivery (ProjectWise) and the asset performance (AssetWise) of transportation and other public works, utilities, industrial and resources plants, and commercial and institutional facilities.

Bentley Systems employs more than 3,500 colleagues, generates annual revenues of $700 million in 170 countries, and has invested more than $1 billion in research, development, and acquisitions since 2012. From inception in 1984, the company has remained majority-owned by its five founding Bentley brothers. Bentley shares transact by invitation on the NASDAQ Private Market; strategic partner Siemens AG has accumulated a non-voting minority stake.

BIM Point Sp. z o.o.

BIM Point is providing buildings inventory services by creating intelligent, architectural BIM models based on the on-site measurments. The result of our work is a building information model which can be directly used for designing on any BIM platform.

FlexiJet4ARCHITECTS solution means:

  • Simultaneous measurement and creating BIM model
  • A complete and consistent building documentation
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Easy complex structures measurement
  • Land modeling, appointment of individual object components


BIM Service

BIM Service since 2014 has been rapidly developing and enriching knowledge and experience concerning BIM technology. We specialize in performing detail design documentation of reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete structures based on BIM technology. We are an official partner of SOFiSTiK in terms of BIM Product line distribution. We also deal with promotion of new technologies among students and actively cooperate with the Career Office in Cracow University of Technology and scientific circles by organizing meetings and workshops.
Our company provides also comprehensive service for developer companies ranging from visualizations, through 3D plans of houses, virtual tours and insolation analysis ending with advertising films using high quality drone. We combine all these elements to create catalogs and Web sites for investment.



BimStreamer is a marketing platform focused on managing BIM Content together with corresponding manufacturer product information and shipping it to BIM/CAD designers. Its main purpose is to provide mechanism for manufacturers responsible for:
● central management of BIM/CAD data in many formats
● generating online BIM Object with always up-to-date product information
● increasing customer/designers satisfaction via convenient apps and plugins
● favoring automation over manual work
● rapid rollouts of new objects
● opening new sales and providing data for market research
● increasing promotion/marketing range via multichannel object publications


BIMobject Poland sp. z o.o.

BIMobject Poland sp. z o.o. located in Gliwice engaged in the sale of programming services for the AEC (Architecture-Engineering-Construction) and research and development in the field of BIM. BIMobject Poland offers a unique solution providing for the creation, publication, hosting and updating of digital replicas of real products – BIM objects.
BIMobject Poland is an independent company which associates experts of the BIM, which is representative of the Swedish company – BIMobject® Corporation. BIMobject® Corporation is a brand recognized by investors rewarded the Red Herring Global 100, is a public company listed on the NASDAQ OMX, dedicated to the largest and fastest-growing digital object management system of BIM in Europe, associates companies and partners from around the world. portal provides a platform for the exchange of information between manufacturers and registered users. More than 140 000 professionals, including architects, engineers, interior designers and investors have access to a database of parametric BIM objects whose represents the actual products to our customers.



Getting started with BIM?
Bimplan takes up a role as an independent BIM-service provider in the AEC industry with 10 years of BIM experience.
Within a wide range of building projects, Bimplan helps design teams, contractors and building owners to run their building collaboration processes in a more effective way, using BIM technologies.
Bimplan is also a founding member of the Revit Standards Foundation.

Bimplan provides the following services:

  • Revit® Modeling Outsourcing
  • Revit® Consultancy
  • Project photorealistic Visualisations
  • BIM Coordination
  • BIM Management

Bimplan has offices in Poznan and Belgium.



BIMstudio is a full service structural engineering & detailing company. In our office we stay on the cutting edge of technology and use Building Information Modeling (BIM) in our projects. We have been providing successfully steel detailing service to our Clients in USA for many years with the use of Tekla Structures. We have experience in BIM coordinated multi-trade & multi-national projects.
In our office we also provide advanced solutions to Tekla by developing Open API App’s, Plugins, Excel links, Custom Components, Reports (also in .html format) and any other Tekla customization per Client requirements. We run website dedicated to Tekla Open API developers at . Thanks to BIM technology & Custom App’s we enhance productivity, reduce Man hours and deliver more accurate, error free models & drawings.



BIMventor is a Cracow based company that offers comprehensive support in BIM processes. Our goal is to spread advantages of new technology outside design offices. The company’s activities includes:
• Support for invesotrs – we implement standards and monitor designers throughout the entire project. We teach the investors how to reap all the benefits of BIM;
• Creating BIM models – usually for general contractors. We are able to make a complete, multibranch model basing on 2D documentation. All in a short space of time. We generate accurate bill of quantities and help to use BIM on site;
• Revit / BIM support for design offices – we have a lot practical experience in Revit. We’ve developed standards and templates that significantly reduce effort and improve model quality. Our workflow allows fluent cooperation of all branches on one central model (BIM level 3). We maintain 100% coordination and avoid work replication;
• Structural design – along with the GSBK Engineering Office from Cracow we provide a high quality structural designs in full BIM. We can effectively share one central model with architects. By using BIM environment we provide a high level of structure optimization;
We are passionate about modern technologies. We’re always looking for better and more effective solutions. We raise the investment process to a new, higher level.





DATACOMP Sp. z o.o.

Datacomp has been selling software on the Polish market for more than 25 years. We have been developing and distributing engineering software for both mechanical and construction branch. The very popular worldwide systems in CAD/CAM/CAE domain like Alibre /Geomagic/, ALGOR /now ADSK Simulation/, VisuallMill, Advance Steel and Concrete, DDS were localised and introduced into the Polish market by our company.
Our own, very well known on the Polish market system, named ZUZIA, operates in cost estimation domain. For more than 15, together with some add on applications, ZUZIA belongs to one of the most powerfull tools existing on the market.
In the last year Datacomp released the newest version of ZUZIA based on models created in 3D systems and imported through the IFC format. ZUZIABim is the most advanced technologically system which enables digital take-off from IFC models. Datacomp released also the first Polish IFC viewer – BIM Vision.


Design Express Poland Sp. z o.o.

Design Express Poland Sp. z o. o. is located in Warsaw as a subsidiary of the Belgian company Design Express which is the sole distributor and developer of localized (Dutch, French & Polish) versions of the architectural, lighting, stage and landscape design software named Vectorworks for Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Poland, and France.
Vectorworks is one of the products of the Nemetschek Group AG, available on Mac and Windows platforms, with more than 650’000 users worldwide.
Polish software modules are named: Fundamentals (basis functionality), Architect, Landmark, Spotlight (the only one remaining in English) and Designer, the all-encompassing package.
All versions have an integrated rendering module Renderworks (based on the CineRender engine from Maxon, the vendor of Cinema4D).
Other integrated modules are: Energos (energy calculations), Marionette (visual scripting based on Python programming language), Subdivision modelling (Open SubDiv Library from Pixar), Space Programming (with Muther’s relationship diagram), and a direct interface to, the library portal for BIM models and objects.
Design Express Poland Sp. z o.o. provides series of branch trainings, and supports all Vectorworks users in Poland, both professional and educational.


EJG BUŁAT Sp. z o.o. Sp.K

We are a design office working in the field of structural engineering. Since our formation in 1998, we have completed about four hundred projects including major structural analysis and detail drawings. We use advanced programs such as ROBOT (Analysis & Design), Revit Structure (BIM), Advance Steel and many others. Our main aim is to provide the most safe, economic end technologically advanced projects for all aspects of engineering within this field. Whether it is steel structures, concrete structures, flat slabs, dynamics, linear or nonlinear analysis plus much more.
We are familiar with internet collaboration with foreign design offices. In our work we use BIM technology and synchronization between analytical, structural and architectural model to speed up design process.
Engineering is all about solving problems effectively and efficiently. We are enthusiastic about design that involve creative collaboration with others on challenging projects for interested clients. We exist to translate architectural ideas into practical reality.
For a view of what we can bring to a project, please visit our website.

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Electric-Control company is a design office operating since 2008. We work with many architectural offices from across the Poland. The scope of our business includes the development of project documentation electrical systems of internal and external , as well as low voltage installations.
We also offer services in the field of energy auditing, costing and supervision. We have certificates of authorization in the field of design and system integration BMS ( Delta Controls ) and KNX ( BES Ingenium).
We specialize in technical design based on the technology of BIM ( Building Information Modeling )



We are independent, experienced and innovative partner for Clients in implementation of complex tasks in the field of power transmission and distribution. Our engineering and consulting company has a long and extensive experience in the power industry construction sector.
Energoprojekt-Kraków SA offers preparation of conceptual documentation, feasibility studies, analysis and complete design documentation as well as caring out legal and formal actions essential for high and extra high voltage overhead lines and substations investments. Telecommunication solutions for substations and power network analysis are also in the scope of our works.
Our achievement is providing design for most of the 400 kV and 220 kV OHLs and 400/220/110 kV substations built in Poland.
The biggest asset of the company is a team of over 100 engineers with professional qualifications and experience, who ensures services of the highest quality within the country and abroad.

 2016_05 logo ANG z adresem

ePM Sp. z o.o.

ePM company provides the Common Data Environment (CDE) platform for construction and investment projects. The solution we offer has been created based on long-term cooperation of several entities involved in both the creation of the platform as well as its current and anticipated development. The ePMflow platform is a Polish solution, created mainly for the domestic investment market, but it is universal enough to support investments carried out all over the world in the future.



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Independent Design House (IDH) had started in 2011 in UK and in 2015 our design capacity includes our sister office located in Krakow. Our engineers have backgrounds in civil and structural
engineering, and offer a unique blend of theoretical and practical experience in temporary works, formwork, scaffold, permanent structures, 3D modelling and BIM. We are experienced in working collaboratively with clients on projects of all scales and appreciate the individuality of each designs requirement, as well as the impact they have on the rest of the project.

We offer in 3D modelling and BIM
• Modelling reinforced concrete structure
• Modelling steel structure and generate working drawing
• 3D modelling in accordance with design documentation
• Colision checking, verification of complex geometry, quantity survey
• 3D projects of fromwork and scaffold
• BIM management, BIM modelling

InfraBIM Tomasz Rajpold


Infra Plan

Infra Plan is a company providing engineering services in the field of structural and civil engineering. Our team was conceived with a focus on adaptation and development on Polish construction market of good practices developed internationally in areas of project management, designing in 3D / BIM environment and advanced methods of quality assurance. We are a team of engineers with extensive professional experience, gained in projects carried out both in Poland and abroad. Our motto is designing in a responsible way in relation to the client and committed to maintaining permanent and transparent exchange of information throughout the entire design process. For us the success of a project does not only mean the completion of the project in our discipline, but the successful completion of the entire project in all disciplines while providing the best value to the Investor / client.
We excel in designing industrial, public and residential facilities, as well as engineering structures – bridges and tunnels. We are open to cooperation with companies mainly from private sector – both with investors as well as with contractors applying “design and build” approach.

JPP Projekt – Biuro projektowe

JPP 3D Projekt based in Gdynia is a team of qualified engineers and specialists. Thanks to using the latest FARO 3D scanners, drons, softwares, but first of all the huge knowledge, we provide services at the highest level. Our experience is over 20 years of carrying out a project, costing and construction supervisions. Following the innovation takes us to 3D technologies and BIM standards. We offer a wide range of services of point cloud, like: documentation 2D (throws, diameters, pictures of the elevation), 3D models, BIM models. Our services are used in the AEC sector (architecture & engineering & construction )and provides customized deliverables to support specific projects or clients’ specialized requirements.

M.A.D. ENGINEERS Sp. z o.o

The purpose of M.A.D. Engineers activity is to improve the investment process in the construction industry by implementing BIM methodologies. We provide services:

  • Complex managing of BIM processes as BIM Manager (on the design side or on the investor’s side)
  • Creating BIM models based on 2D documentation
  • Technical documentation
  • Support in the information exchange and BIM processes in programs: ArchiCAD, Tekla Structures, Revit, Allplan, Vectorworks, BIMestiMate, Unity 3D
  • Multi-branch coordination in Tekla BIMsight, Trimble Connect, BIMplus platforms
  • Training: BIM for Managers, BIM for Investors
  • Checking BIM models using Solibri Model Checker
  • Creating IT solutions supporting BIM processes
  • Creating BIM documentation: EIR – Employer’s Information Requirements, BEP – BIM Execution Plan

MAD Engineers

Miastoprojekt Wrocław Sp. z o.o.

Miastoprojekt Wroclaw specializes in the design, management and implementation of construction projects. We have been in the market for over 60 years and became one of the most modern company in project management field in Poland. BIM is another significant step forward in the company’s technological development. Thanks to BIM our services are of better quality and became more efficient. Our designers, project managers, engineers and cost controllers are first class specialists, both professional and ethical.


mmbp projekty i realizacje


MTA – Projekt Sp. z o.o.

The MTA-projekt sp. z o.o. company is an office designing construction and engineering constructions.
• We specialize in developing projects in reinforced concrete technology with specialist foundations.
• In the design we use innovative technology of parametric modeling of information about the BIM building, based on software: Allplan (modeling of reinforcement in 3D), Revit, Advance Concrete, Robot and many others including specially developed in our design office.
• We make project documentation for buildings annually with a total pum about 80.000m2.
• We have a qualified staff operating modern design tools.
• We carry out all the stages of the design process and, at the customer’s request, optimize the design.

Multimedia Communication Sp. z o.o.

Multimedia Communication Ltd. since 2001 creates software destined to support communication between manufacturers and engineers, architects, contractors and individual clients. Our software helps making the correct choice of building solutions due to aspects like energy performance of the building, impact on the environment, issues of heat and moisture, correct selection of construction elements etc. The subject of BIM is particularly important for us, due to the need for proper information transfer from manufacturers to designers using modern software that supports the BIM process. In BIMklaster we want to deal with the subject of proper information exchange within the BIM process.



Multiprojekt Studio is a workshop designed to BIM system, which is the primary objective committed to implementing the values ​​characterizing properly understood and functioning of the service based on the values ​​of knowledge, integrity, honesty, truthfulness, steadfastness and loyalty which is the basis for building understanding and relationships to line client – architect.

Offered by our Office simulation and analysis of the energy performance of the building are increasingly sought after by investors . They facilitate decision-making in terms of maintaining optimal balance between investment costs and subsequent operating costs.



We serve as a trusted consultant partner for companies delivering projects within the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction sector. Knowledge acquired through years of on-site practice gave us the ability to solve our client’s problem quickly, always proposing the shortest way to the desired goal. We can help you innovate and deliver simple, smart and working solutions in:
Project Management that works 🏗️
You and your team deserve more. More day-to-day satisfaction, more transparency and predictability, more efficiency, more successful projects, more earnings.
In most cases, you know where the problem lays, but you do not have the time and an exact roadmap to lead your team straight to the solution.
More than ten years of experience have given me the reach context of the challenges teams struggle with every day, and I know how to fix it. We can change your team’s reality by:
– using advances of teamwork
– applying modern risk management
– implementing business-oriented controlling and internal audit
– learning efficiency-oriented management
– designing and implementing ERP and CRM systems that produce value for the owners and clients
– building lasting human-to-human relations
Workstation as a service 🚀
We created a service based on Internet and cloud computing that delivers workstations online.
Now, every architect, engineer, trainer, student, and 3D artist can connect and work with graphic workstation anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Access when you need and pay-per-use. Our solution based on NVIDIA GRID technology has served over 300 teams all over the world.

PM Projekt s.c.

PM Project is a team made of individuals with different interest for whom designing became a passion. We design, oversee, operate, grow, and pursue new challenges, recognise the signs of the future, and learn from each another. We are also true to the principles of honesty and reliability towards each other and business partners.
We create designs on the basis of the latest functional solutions and in line with provisions of the Construction Law. Thanks to the long-standing experience in developing design documents, we succeeded in establishing a team capable of facing and meeting even the most difficult and demanding challenges. We focus on high quality of the systems, while minimising operating costs at the same time. The acquired knowledge and experience enable us to develop designs based on optimised, verified, and – most importantly – effective technologies. There is simply nothing we can’t do!

ProGea 4D sp. z o.o.

ProGea 4D sp. z o.o. was set up in April 2016 as a result of transformation of ProGea Consulting. Since 1991 the company has been expanding steadily in the field of geoinformation, currently employs ca. 30 professionals from different sectors: surveying, photogrammetry, geographers, foresters and biologists. Comprehensively educated staff provides even the most difficult tasks outsourced by customers both domestic and abroad (Germany, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Austria, Italy or Argentina).
We specialize in:
– acquisition and processing laser scanning data: airborne – ALS (including drones), mobile – MLS and terrestrial – TLS,
– 2D drawings and 3D based on point clouds,
– modelling of buildings, linear infrastructure (roads, tunnels, railways), 3D city,
– generation of orthophoto (helicopters, drones) and orthoimages (e.g. facades),
– object classification (OBIA) based on satellite images,
– data integration – point clouds (ALS, MLS and TLS), vector data, and imaging.
The knowledge and experience of experts working in ProGea 4D also allow to participate in many scientific projects, e.g. MONIT-AIR UM Krakow, SaLMaR for NCBiR or AgroEye for the European Space Agency.
ProGea 4D is also a distributor of remote sensing data, as well as software for LiDAR data processing and geoinformation, e.g. R3TREES – system for management and monitoring of urban green areas.

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Prorok Consulting Engineers Ltd

Prorok Consulting Engineers Ltd is an independent Civil Engineering Consultancy specialising in the design and development of infrastructure projects including highways, industrial and aviation sector.



The company was founded in 2009. We realize building construction projects. Since 2015, we have been working with BIM software (Allplan Engineering). We specialized in workshop drawings for reinforcement concrete structures. Since the implementation of the sofware, we have been designing structures for buildings with a total area of about 40,000 sq m each year.


Recosolar is the company which offers comprehensive design and implementation of photovoltaic systems with related infrastructure. The scope of the design include:

  • Solar analysis, especially return on investment ROI
  • Energy managment
  • Energy certificates, audits
  • Expertise based on thermal imaging,
  • Scanning 3D buildings
  • Electrical Projects
  • Building Automation

We realize projects for building-integrated photovoltaics BIPV. This is based on replacing traditional materials, ie. glass cladding for photovoltaic glass.

Recosolar logo

RYSY Architekci


Trimble tools and services enable you to increase your productivity and profitability by integrating planning, design, positioning, machine control, and asset management data throughout your construction work. To learn how to start using the benefits of technology to improve your project’s progress.


SMW Legal Stolarski, Majewski i Współpracownicy Kancelaria Radców Prawnych sp.p.

SMW Legal Stolarski, Majewski i Współpracownicy Kancelaria Radców Prawnych spółka partnerska provides legal counselling services to entrepreneurs and public entities in all key areas related to running a business.

A well-coordinated and systematically growing team of lawyers specialises in providing comprehensive services to entities in the construction industry. In particular, in the field of civil law and civil proceedings, public procurement law, contract advice, intellectual property rights and debt collection and recovery.

We have practical experience in legal counselling on projects implemented using the BIM methodology (facility and line investments). Our Clients include both those who order, prepare or implement such investments, and contractors who use them.

We advise ordering parties in the process of preparing construction projects, in particular as regards the preparation and carrying out the public procurement procedure, as well as preparing and negotiating contracts.

We provide contractors with comprehensive support when applying for a public contract, preparing contracts and at the stage of investment implementation and settlement, including the relations with subcontractors.

We support subcontractors in contractual relations, in resolving disputes arising during the implementation of contracts and securing their interests.

We represent the ordering parties, contractors and subcontractors – during negotiations or before a court – in disputes arising from construction investments.

The lawyers at SMW Legal are actively involved in the development of the BIM community in Poland, including teaching classes and carrying out trainings on legal aspects of implementing construction projects using the BIM methodology, and publish related articles in the trade press. Our partners actively work to create the Polish branch of buildingSMART. They teach or have taught classes at the Jagiellonian University, the AGH University of Science and Technology and the War Studies University.


SSC Architekci



We are a team of experienced engineers who share a passion for modern design. STAN DESIGN has been established in 2013 and, despite its short presence on the market, it has gained trust and a good position in the industry.
Our experience was primarily obtained in the British market where we are still involved in developing detailed designs of modern apartments located in historic buildings in the central part of London. Innovative BIM technology on which our projects are entirely based as well as precise devices for laser scanning enable to create very detailed customised designs.
STAN DESIGN is also a sales and training partner of WSC Witold Szymanik and S-ka Sp. z o. o. – a representative of GRAPHISOFT in Poland.
In addition to specialised 3D design and scanning, we also deal with sales and assistance in the implementation of BIM (ARCHICAD) software in design studios. We offer comprehensive technical support regarding use of the software as well as selection of optimum computer equipment ensuring convenient work.


TB Poland

We are engineering & consulting office for MEP (mechanical / electrical / plumbing) services.
TB Poland is an engineering consultancy, delivering multi-discipline engineering design services for all kind of buildings.
We specialize in design-and-build projects for the Norwegian construction industry. The experience and expertise of our engineers combined with advanced BIM solutions and design tools enables TB Poland to deliver top-quality engineering services, ranging from conceptual design up to shop drawings and as-built drawings.
We are designing in BIM manner – with full 3D modeling (by Autodesk Revit&AutoCAD, Progman MagiCAD and IFC format).
Our knowledge and experience enable us to realize various types of orders.
We cooperate with architectural firms and technical contractors. We can also perform engineering services directly for investors.




“Since the beginning of TDEC’s activity, HVAC installations have been a passion for us.”
Thanks to designing a variety of facilities all over the world we are constantly broadening the range of our possibilities. Designing objects for specific purposes such as production halls, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, laboratories and ICT centres are of no mystery to us. Calculations using international principles and standards are our everyday life. Our team is made up of people with passion whose competences are based on solid foundations established at the best technical universities in Poland. Our dynamic teams managed by experts who have gained experience with the most complex projects are ready to solve any problem with maximum effectiveness


TMSys Sp. z o.o.

Company TMSys since 2010, provides services in the design and 3D modeling and computer visualization. From 2013 one of the flagship products of the company is EliteCAD 3D BIM software. This program was created by Swiss specialists from the group Messerli. For 18 years incessantly underway on expanding the capabilities of the platform. TMSys as the only official distributor in Poland for several years, working closely with Swiss makers to implement BIM on the Polish market. Our goal is to continue improving the efficiency of BIM platform to always allow it to meet the high demands of our customers. BIM Technology (Building Information Modeling) is currently the best way to design a fully professionally, quickly and comprehensively.



We specialize in rapidly changing world technology – in BIM.
As a company, we are confident that the modern building design is a real revolution. BIM methodology and generative algorithms allow us to optimize the investment process, allows us to create a environment sensitive architecture with incredible complexity of form and structure. Create projects where a team of specialists works on the efficient processing of multidisciplinary building information.
Our design studio specializes in the creation of extraordinary architectural projects, energy-efficient residential buildings, commercial and industrial, comprehensive services administrative construction projects and the organization of events, conferences and training courses for designers.
Every day we try to explore the beautiful, creative and reasonable solution, constantly striving for perfection, regardless of the size and complexity of the construction project.
We offer help and advice at all stages of the investment process. We provide full coordination of projects, so all our operations are efficient and effective..

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WSC Witold Szymanik i S-ka Ltd. is the representative of GRAPHISOFT and the exclusive distributor of ARCHICAD in Poland. GRAPHISOFT is the worldwide leader of Building Information Modeling (BIM) software. ARCHICAD is a comprehensive software for all architects and engineers connected to construction market. The basis of ARCHICAD’s concept is the integration of information concerning the designed building into a set of data which is represented by the virtual BIM model. WSC is one of the leaders in implementing the idea of building information modeling on the Polish market.



The Xella Group develops, manufactures and markets building and insulation materials. With its Ytong, Silka and Hebel brands, Xella is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of autoclaved aerated concrete and calcium silicate units. The Multipor brand stands for non-flammable mineral insulation boards and with Ursa we are one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of insulation materials.
The Xella Group bundles the expertise and know-how of Ytong, Silka, Multipor, Hebel and Ursa and is continuously developing these brands. Xella is one of just a few European building materials companies to operate its own Research and Development Center which focuses its work on three main areas: Product and process research, applied research and construction physics.
Xella products are sustainable both in manufacture and use. They also undergo a process of continuous development. Our products therefore make an important contribution to the construction of energy-efficient, high-quality buildings and consequently also to environmental protection and the conservation of resources. Our products have received numerous awards and certificates for their environmentally friendly characteristics.
Xella is there, on-site, where perfect solutions from planners, architects and construction companies are in demand. With 91 plants in 20 countries and sales organizations in more than 30 countries, as well as 6,100 employees, Xella is flying the flag internationally.