In by Maciej Dejer

ArchiCorrect is the result of creative and unconventional thinking as part of many years of inter-branch and educational cooperation in the field of investment and construction process as well as architecture and higher education. We operate in many directions, providing design and consulting services. We have experience in the implementation of various objects from residential buildings to complex projects that require reclamation of brownfield land.

We operate in the field of:

  • Associate architects, industry designers, interior architects, landscape and specialists in environmental protectionas well as other specialization in various construction issues, operating throughout Poland,
  • Provide consultancy services in the field of spatial planning and urban planning and analysis as part of pre-develompment activities, ie opportunities and threats related to investing in building plots in a given location
  • Support investors and industry designers at the stage of official arrangements in municipal offices, etc. and coordination of multi-industry projects at every stage,
  • Train and educate in terms of professional development opportunities, use of software, optimization of the design process,
  • Promote the use of BIM technology from the initial stages of education to detailed solutions of realizations and facility management.