BIM Ally sp. z o. o.

In by Andrzej Inglot

The mission of BIM Ally LTD is not only to provide innovative BIM solutions, but also to inspire effective cooperation between manufacturers and designers. For this purpose, BIM Ally Toolbox was created – a set of complementary tools and services, thanks to which, manufacturers of building materials easily introduce their companies to the world of BIM technology and permanently bind designers with their products. The BIM Ally Toolbox includes:

  • BIM Models or BIM model generator
  • BIM Ally Web Application
  • BIM Ally Plug-in
  • BIM Ally Analytcs
  • BIM Ally Relationship Manager
  • BIM Ally Lead Generator


In addition, BIM Ally also offers BIM/IT Services, such as: BIM model generators, spatial configurators, texture generators, show rooms, as well as dedicated solutions