In by Maciej Dejer

Since our first contact with BIM in 2007, we have been constantly building our experience in the design, construction, as well as implementation and training industries. Around 2013, we noticed that publicly available design tools are not 100% sufficient and there is a great need to create applications that complement or extend the functionality of base platforms such as Revit or Archicad. Then our adventure with programming began.

The combination of all these experiences resulted is the codeBIM.

It is also a response to the need to facilitate communication between designers, contractors, manufacturers of equipment and building materials.

Extensive, multi-industry experience, fascination with new technologies and competence give us a mandate to offer our clients innovative solutions to support their business activities.

As one of the first in the world, we have developed a Dynamic BIM object generator (codeBIM BOG) working on the basis of customer systems. Thanks to this, hundreds of BIM models are created every day around the world, which are used in various projects.

Our previous projects include:
– dedicated applications as overlays for leading design programs (Revit, Archicad),
– manufacturer libraries of BIM objects (for Revit and Archicad, among others) in the form of static libraries and dynamic configurators or applications,
– dedicated BIM standards for companies and/or implementation,
– multi-discipline BIM implementations