KREBO Professional Services

In by Maciej Dejer

KREBO Professional Services Ltd is a digital construction consultancy providing project management services and specialised training is the following areas:

  • Development of 4D/5D BIM strategy and workflows
  • Development and implementation of procedures and processes for successful project execution
  • Intelligent 4D BIM Project planning and scheduling
  • Advanced 5D BIM Cost Estimation and Cost Management
  • Model-based Advanced Work Packaging (AWP)
  • Multipoint coordination and work optimisation through dynamic BIM
  • Model-based project simulation and visualisation
  • Work plan validation and resource optimisation
  • Proactive analytics and reporting
  • Practical programs (workshops), digital rehearsals and support on pilot projects
  • 4D/5D BIM technology adoption

KREBO is partnering with Bentley Systems Inc. and BEXEL Consulting as a solution reseller (SYNCHRO and BEXEL Manager respectively), training provider and technology advisor in the UK, Ireland and Poland.