About us

BIM Klaster is a trans-regional network of interactions established on 2 April, 2012, on the initiative of several companies from Małopolskie Province in Poland. The originators of this project were deeply involved with civil engineering, IT and IT technologies. For such individuals, construction is not just a work; it is a real passion. Each of us is not afraid of looking into the future and creating new standards we solemnly believe will become commonplace standards before long.

Today BIM Klaster is an officially registered Association of pro-innovative and highly specialised micro, small, medium and large enterprises from the entire territory of Poland, which are active in construction industry and in ICT, as well as of business and research & development public institutions which support the creativity and innovative drive in the Polish economy.

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Our main purpose is to combine the potential and the competences of the companies and other enterprises in order to implement virtually any building project using the state-of-the-art ICT technologies.

Our building cluster generates a definite extra value: it inspires the works which drive at the complete use of BIM technologies in the entire building investment process, from the idea through construction up to putting into use, and even for the entire service life of a site.

Purposes of the Cluster

Our special purposes focus on:

  • Representation of the interests of our members

  • Support of the initiatives and projects implemented by the enterprises associated in the BIM Klaster

  • Management of the projects implemented jointly by the members of the BIM Klaster

  • Promotion and implementation of the latest methods of management of the projects of BIM Klaster members

  • Development of continuous contacts, co-operation, and exchange of information among the members

  • Development of continuous contacts, co-operation, and exchange of information between the members and research, education, business-related and public institutions, including local governments

  • Making an impact on the law and secondary legislation-making processes to the extent of purposes adopted by our cluster

  • Development of a shared brand of all the entities represented by the cluster members

  • Improvement in professional competences of cluster members and associated entities

  • Building knowledge resources and development of hardware backup facilities for collective use by the cluster members who work on innovative products and services

  • Support of the initiatives in economic evolution and creativity of local, regional, transregional, and nation-wide nature

  • Promotion of and active contribution to the development of mechanisms and tools which support the expansion of new IT technologies in construction industry, specifically the use of BIM technologies in the investment process

  • Improvement in advanced and competitive features of the Polish economy

  • Spreading and meeting the standards, ethics, and other moral codes which the cluster members adopt of their own free will

  • Initiatives in adaptation of educational system to the labour market requirements, specifically in construction industry

Our history



7 March 2019

Technical University of Cracow joins the cluster of BIM Klaster partners.

3-4 April 2019

BIM Klaster becomes the content-specific initiator pf the 6 th edition of “Designing the Future 2019” conference in Cracow.

April – May 2019

BIM Klaster initiates the training of the teaching staff of the Faculty of University of Agriculture in Cracow; project implemented in co-operation with M.A.D. Engineers. The training is given by BIM Klaster experts representing: WSC Witold Szymanik and Co.; Amigeo; TM-sys; Design Express, and TB Poland.

29 May 2019

BIM Klaster on the meeting at the Public Procurement Office in Warsaw and in “BIM Hyde Park” event, either as lecturer or one of many participants.

12 June 2019

Ms Katarzyna Orlińska-Dejer as moderator of the “Smart building: will the digitalisation bring about a revolution in the sector of infrastructure?” panel during the “4 th Polish Infrastructure Congress 2019” in Warsaw.

May 2019

BIM Klaster entered into the Polish Cluster Map.

June 2019

BIM Klaster entered into the list of potential counsellors in the process of consulting the public draft legal acts.

28 September 2019

The first edition of BIM Steak networking event.


16 February 2018

BIM Klaster takes part in the meeting dedicated to the Pilot Project concerning the “Design and Development of Zator Ringway on the National Road No. 28 Traffic Artery in BIM Technology” as a participant / observer.

6 April 2018

BIM Klaster becomes a content-specific partner of the „SMART PROJECT, BUILDING & CITY” Congress in Rzeszów.

24 April 2018

BIM Klaster becomes a content-specific initiator of the 5 th edition of “Designing the Future 2018” conference in Warsaw. Representatives of the companies associated in BIM Klaster give lectures: Dr Jan Van Sichem (BIMplan / Revit Standards Foundation); Mr Robert Szczepaniak ( Vectorwors); Ms Karolina Wróbel (M.A.D. Engineers); Mr Marek Piotrowicz (TB Poland); Mr Michał Garstecki (Amigeo Sp. z o.o.).

27 April 2018

BIM Klaster signs the co-operation agreement with M.A.D. Engineers Sp. z o.o., pursuant to which the two parties will jointly initiate the “BIM for Investors” training cycle starting from 27 April 2018.

25 June 2018

BIM Klaster signs the partnership agreement with the University of Economy in Cracow.

July 2018

BIM Klaster companies co-operate in the training dedicated to the employees of the Faculty of Architecture, Technical University of Cracow (M.A.D. Engineers invites the BIM Klaster experts representing: WSC Witold Szymanik and Co.; ProGea 4D; Amigeo; Argas Projekt; Design Express, and Datacomp).

16 July 2018

BIM Klaster signs the partnership agreement with Konfoteka Sp. z o.o.

31 August 2018

In reply to the invitation to join forces BIM Klaster submits the offer of co-operation to the General Director for National Roads and Motorways in a pilot project with the use of BIM technology, together with the portfolio of our experts.

27-28 October 2018

BIM Klaster becomes the partner of „BIM World MUNICH 2018” in Munich.

14 November 2018

BIM Klaster becomes the honorary partner of “New BIM Image 2018” conference in Warsaw.


January 2017

“A lesson with an expert” at the School Complex Nol 2 in Bochnia; BIM Klaster, MAD ENGINEERS, and ARGAS Projekt give a lecture on the BIM technology for young students. The meeting was a part of “Lessons with experts” cycle and attracted more than 100 students and teachers.

29 May – 1 June 2017

BIM Klaster becomes a co-initiator of “BIM Week 2017” workshop in Cracow.

19 June 2017

BIM Klaster becomes a partner of “Polish Purchaser Congress: Innovative and Effective Public Procurement” conference in Warsaw; lecture given by Robert Szczepaniak.

19 June

BIM Klaster present at the “5 th Polish Infrastructure Congress 2017” in Warsaw, represented by Mr Maciej Dejer who takes part in the expert panel discussing the problem: “Are BIM technologies a change for development of Polish construction industry?”.

June 2017

New composition of BIM Klaster: Ms Katarzyna Orlińska-Dejer, President; Mr Maciej Dejer, Ms Katarzyna Knap, Mr Michał Garstecki, and Mr Robert Szczepaniak, Vice-Presidents.

6 September 2017

BIM Klaster submits the offer to the Public Procurement Office, for development of a handy guide-book concerning the process of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in public procurement sector.

7 November 2017

BIM Klaster becomes a honorary patron of “New BIM Image 2017” conference in Warsaw.

28-29 November 2017

BIM Klaster becomes a partner of “BIM World MUNICH 2017”, the greatest event dedicated to BIM matters in German-speaking region.


February 2016

BIM Klaster qualifies for Technical Dialogue for implementation of BIM technologies in PKP Polish Railway Lines S.A.

BIMobject and BIM Klaster take part in “BUDMA 2016” Fair in Poznań.

BIM Klaster gives a practical BIM training at the Technical University of Cracow (two groups, 16 hours of practice per group; curriculum focused on practical use of international information exchange format and methods of creating correct BIM models).

April 2016

BIM Klaster becomes the partner in “Designing the Future” conference.

9 April 2016

BIM Klaster becomes the partner in “Technology in Construction Engineering: conference during the 21 st EXPO Dom Construction Fair, Podpromie Hall in Rzeszów.

25 April 2016

BIM Klaster appointed as a member of the Technical Committee No. 232 (at the Polish Standardisation Committee) responsible for the Rules of Development of Design Documentation in Construction Industry.

20-21 May 2016

BIM Klaster gives content-specific support during “ArchiCAD Spring Academy 2016” workshop in Cracow.

30 May 2016

Cracow Park of Technology becomes a new partner of BIM Klaster.

8-9 November 2016

BIM Klaster becomes the patron of the “infraBIM” conference in Gliwice.

18 November 2016

BIM Klaster becomes a co-initiator of “BIM for INTERIORS” conference during the 4 th International Construction and Interior Fair Warsaw Build Poland.


May 2015

BIM Klaster nominated for the Polish Innovative Drive Award 2015.

21 May 2015

The Institute for Construction and Transport Management at the Technical University in Cracow and BIM Klaster arrange a “BIM Day” conference as a part of celebration of the 70 th anniversary of the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

July 2015

Maciej Dejer (BIM Klaster President) qualifies to work in the task team on the Małopolska smart specialisations in the area of “IT and Communications Technologies”.

7 October 2015

BuildingSmart Nordic Management gives Polish representatives the status of observer at BuildingSmart Nordic. BIM Klaster represented by Maciej Dejer, M.A.D. Engineers, Adam Glema, Technical University in Poznań, and Andrzeja Tomana, DataComp and Construction Designing Chamber, become corporate members of BuildingSmart Nordic.

22 October 2015

BIM Klaster specialists give lectures at the “3 rd IT Professionals Congress” in Rzeszów.

4 December 2015

Public Procurement Office with expert assistance of the members of the BIM-for-Construction Association and BIM Klaster arrange the conference on “BIM Technology in mobilisation and implementation of public orders” in Warsaw.


31 March 2014

Energy Saving Construction Centre in Małopolska becomes a new partner of BIM Klaster.

10-11 April 2014

BIM Klaster becomes the patron pf the conference “Designing the Future” in Warsaw.

29 May 2014

BIM Klaster is present at Innovation Fair in Małopolska 2014.

24 June 2014

The Institute for Construction and Transport Management at the Technical University in Cracow becomes a new partner of BIM Klaster.

December 2014

Three cluster companies (Katarzyna Knap-Miśniakiewicz, Thermal Engineering Design Studio; Artur Doliński, Agardo BIM Outsourcing & Consulting; Maciej Dejer, M.A.D. Engineers) represent BIM Klaster at the conference “Prague: BIM Day 2014”.

December 2014

BIM Klaster referred to in Innowacyjny Start magazine issued by the Office of the President of Małopolskie Province.

December 2014

BIM Klaster becomes a charter member of Małopolska Cluster Forum.


28 January 2013

Stowarzyszenie Klaster Technologii Informacyjnych w Budownictwie is entered into the National Court Register, Section of Associations; election of the Board of the Association: Maciej Dejer, President; Vice-Presidents: Katarzyna Orlińska-Dejer, Andrzej Tomana, Andrzej Inglot, Artur Doliński.

26 September 2013

Thermal Engineering and Air Protection Design Studio acquires the applicable recommendations and becomes a supporting member of BIM Klaster.

20 September 2013

Technical University in Poznań represented by Mr Adam Glema, Ph. Dr., Eng, Associate Professor (Deputy Dean, Faculty of Building and Environmental Engineering) becomes a partner of BIM Klaster.


2 April 2012

Agreement on establishment of the cluster under the name of “Klaster Technologii Informacyjnych w Budownictwie” is signed by:

  • M.A.D. ENGINEERS Maciej Dejer, Andrzej Inglot Private Partnership, represented by:
    – Maciej Dejer, Co-owner
    – Andrzej Inglot, Co-owner
  • DATACOMP Co. Ltd., represented by:
    – Andrzej Tomana, Vice-President of the Board,
  • Budexpert Engineering Consulting Janusz Brożek, Grzegorz Śladowski Private Partnership, represented by:
    – Janusz Brożek, Co-owner
    – Grzegorz Śladowski, Co-owner
  • Vostok Design Wojciech Gawinowski, represented by:
    – Wojciech Gawinowski, Owner