Let us invite you to the implementation of your training projects together with BIM Klaster.

We will jointly define the purposes and statements of your project. We will jointly decide which of the items are of key importance to you and which should be given the highest attention. All the elements of a training project will be created from the roots in compliance with your individual needs and conditions.

We will assist you in chosing the best training from our base or create a dedicated cycle of training in co-operation with the best experts in a defined area.

Should you be interested in any of our training offers, do not hesitate to contact directly the company responsible for this training.

Why BIM Klaster is your prime partner in the implementation of a training project?

  • Any training we recommend is conducted by experienced specialists who have been active in the industry for many years.

  • Our training offer is unique in terms of variety of BIM investment process implementation aspects: from the lessons how to use the tools through the familiarisation with BIM issues up to the highest level of expert training for BIM Managers. You can choose individual training or plan a complex learning agenda with our assistance.

  • Our Coaches, Experts, and BIM Klaster Team Specialists are a warranty of commitment and experience in the implementation of the training projects.


BIM for Managers

BIM methodology becomes more and more popular on the Polish market. The designers, contractors and investors want to get a feel for new world tendencies in construction industry; consequently, they need properly qualified human resources. This personnel must perfectly know the language spoken in the new world of evolving construction and, more importantly, must be able to use this knowledge in the real world. For this reason we offer the training based on the BIM models which originate from real investment projects implemented in the last 7 years. Trust our experts and get ready for new challenges in a professional way!

Details on the training

Tekla Structures – API

Tekla Open API training is designed for companies and individual persons who have already acquired the knowledge of Tekla Structures application and want to improve their existing capabilities. The training requires the fundamental awareness of programming, specifically C# language.

Details on the training

Project Management

A project is the best formula of provision of specific and complex products, whereas construction and architecture are just such areas where we create and produce prototypes in a continuously changing environment. Unfortunately, our efficiency is not the best: most polls indicate that a poor 25% projects are completed on time with satisfactory results for the clients. What is wrong, then?

Details on the training

Praktyczne zastosowanie technologii BIM w projektowaniu konstrukcji budowlanych – ALLPLAN

Korzystając z naszej wiedzy oraz wieloletniego doświadczenia, oferujemy przemyślane szkolenia dedykowane dla architektów, konstruktorów. Kursy są przeznaczone zarówno dla osób rozpoczynających swoją przygodę z branżą projektową oraz dla osób, które używały wcześniej innego oprogramowania, jednak chcą poznać więcej możliwości odnośnie pracy w ALLPLAN

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Skanowanie laserowe od podstaw

Szkolenie przeznaczone jest dla osób chcących poznać podstawy skaningu laserowego 3D od pozyskania chmury punktów przez rejestrację skanów do tworzenia bogatych wyników. Szkolenie jest prowadzone na instrumentach i oprogramowaniu firmy Trimble.

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Wykorzystanie dronów w projektach infrastrukturalnych

Szkolenie pokazuje różne możliwości wykorzystania bezzałogowych statków powietrznych w projektach infrastrukturalnych oraz innych zastosowaniach inżynieryjnych. Uczestnicy poznają różne typy dronów oraz sensorów pozyskiwania danych, programy służące do przetwarzania danych z dronów, ale również sposoby opracowania danych wynikowych.

Details on the training

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