Master of Digital Construction (Mistrz budownictwa cyfrowego) is the most advanced training programme on the digitisation of investment and construction processes in Poland. The training programme is built on the knowledge and experience of our experts who are involved on a daily basis in BIM-required projects implementing digital solutions and agile management methods. We focus on practice. We train professionals on how to manage BIM projects, how to effectively use the latest technologies and tools and how to choose the most appropriate solutions depending on the stage and needs of the project.

For us, the main objective to be achieved in 9 months is to prepare the trainees to interact efficiently in multi-discipline teams responsible for the implementation of construction projects using digital and lean methods. We help professionals to stand out from the competition.






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Why should you choose the MDC?

As an Employer

...remember training your employees in new skills and new technologies is an excellent investment in the future and development of your business.

Prepare your employees to take on more responsibility.

Good technology leaders are hard to find - that's why you need to train them yourself. Companies that nurture their own leaders have a huge advantage over companies that do not develop in terms of new technnologies and digitalisation of the industry. It is the former who set the rhythm and direction of the technology transformation.

Build a competitive advantage.

When employees are up to date with the latest knowledge, working methodologies and technology solutions, and teams have the skills to collaborate based on data-sharing environments, the organisation is prepared for changes. In today's rapidly changing environment, companies need to flexibly adapt to new challenges and customer requirements. This gives them a significant competitive advantage.

Improve employee and organisational productivity.

Productivity is essential for profitability. By improving the qualifications of your employees, you influence the improvement of the company's results. Learning to use new technologies, tools, or management methodologies can significantly optimise the time it takes to perform daily tasks, but also process improvement and reduce wasted time.

Ensure a work culture.

Your employees are not the only ones who can benefit from training. Imagine how the knowledge they gain will translate into the culture and quality of work of your entire team and, in all likelihood, your business partners. By fostering a culture of learning among your employees, you will open up opportunities to extend learning throughout the company.

As an Employee want to develop your career path, you are interested in practical knowledge that will help you increase the efficiency in your daily work or open up new avenues for you.

Opanuj technologię

Learning to speak the language of tools and operating methodologies that redefine your profession will help you understand technology and manage it in the best possible way, giving you an advantage in the Industry 4.0 market in construction.

Rozwijaj umiejętności analizy danych i zarządzania informacją

Efficient data analysis and information management are essential to establishing next-generation BIM workflows. Data-driven BIM can reduce the risk, uncertainties and costs of a construction project, accelerate the design process and and contribute to minimise waste at an early stage.

Increase the efficiency of your projects.

Gain the agility to manage multiple processes and understand where you can automate processes, know-how that will give you increased efficiency and help you optimize work on projects.

Explore multiple perspectives on a single topic and choose the one that is right for you.

Discover different tools, methods of problem-solving, and ways of working used by practitioners. Specialists and experts in their fields will show you how to search for and choose optimal solutions. There are several ways to achieve your goal - choose the art is in choosing the one that is best for you, your team and your project.
If you're still wondering whether to trust us – write to us – we still have a few aces up our sleeve that can help you make a decision.

Training programme

Theory and practice


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    Tuition fees*

    gross prices
    1 repayment

    11 500,00 PLN

    (1 x 11 500,00 PLN)
    2 repayments

    11 500,00 PLN

    (2 x 5750,00 PLN)

    * BIM Cluster members and their employees gain a 5% discount in tuition fees settled proportionally to the chosen instalment system.

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