Domanski & Brzozowska Adwokaci Spółka Partnerska – The law firm

In by Maciej Dejer

The law firm Domański & Brzozowska Adwokaci Spółka Partnerska mainly provides legal services in the field of:
(1) legal services for design and construction companies;
(2) comprehensive formal and legal service of investment and construction processes at every stage of implementation both on the side of the investor and the contractor;
(3) directing of the processes of implementation of construction objects, maintenance of technical, formal and legal and financial documentation of the project;
(4) legal issues concerning BIM technology;
(5) mediation in cases concerning economic disputes;
(6) representation before:
(a) the public administration bodies;
(b) the common courts;
(c) the Supreme Court;
(d) the administrative courts, including the Supreme Administrative Court.


Because an entrepreneur is also a human the law firm Domański & Brzozowska Adwokaci Spółka Partnerska additionally legal services in the field of family and guardianship law and inheritance law.