DATACOMP IT Sp. z o.o.

In by Łukasz Pryczkat

Datacomp has been selling software on the Polish market for more than 25 years. We have been developing and distributing engineering software for both mechanical and construction branch. The very popular worldwide systems in CAD/CAM/CAE domain like Alibre /Geomagic/, ALGOR /now ADSK Simulation/, VisuallMill, Advance Steel and Concrete, DDS were localised and introduced into the Polish market by our company.
Our own, very well known on the Polish market system, named ZUZIA, operates in cost estimation domain. For more than 15, together with some add on applications, ZUZIA belongs to one of the most powerfull tools existing on the market.
In the last year Datacomp released the newest version of ZUZIA based on models created in 3D systems and imported through the IFC format. ZUZIABim is the most advanced technologically system which enables digital take-off from IFC models. Datacomp released also the first Polish IFC viewer – BIM Vision.