Cracow University of Technology (CUT) is a university that for over 70 years educates national engineering staff and works on improving Polish technological thought. The CUT walls have left almost 100,000 graduates so far – very well prepared to perform the profession of engineers
and masters of Science. Qualified staff, orientation on innovation and cooperation
with industry, access to the latest technologies and contacts with universities around the world are trademarks of the Cracow University of Technology.
The university offers the opportunity to study stationary and non-stationary studies, as well as PhD and post-graduate studies. There are well-equipped laboratories waiting for students, including a unique Laboratory of Technoclimatic Research and Working Machines, the Lesser Poland Laboratory for Energy Saving Construction.
Students can develop their scientific interests in dozens of science clubs. BIM technology is part of the field of didactics and research in the faculties of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering.