The first networking BIM Steak 2019 event organised by Stowarzyszenie Klaster Technologii Informacyjnych w Budownictwie (BIM Klaster) took place in Cracow on 28 September. We had already become used to enjoy a fat dose of know-how added to each meeting with BIM Klaster; that time, however, the instruction adopted a slightly easier formula. The workshops were conducted by the representatives of our member companies (Bentley Systems, ePM, SMW Legal, Design Express, M.A.D. Engineers, STAN DESIGN, and Geotronics) with focus on sundry matters: from legal aspects of data circulation management in the investment process through project-specific problems and many other issues. Besides, the presentations of the projects implemented by BIM Klaster members proved very interesting and useful. The representatives of AMIGEO and AGARDO described their experience from the “battle-field”. At the end of the formal part, Ms Katarzyna Orlińska-Dejer, President of BIM Klaster, gave attention to an unusually dynamic evolution of BIM Klaster, in particular in the recent years. We cannot help feeling the impression that our initiative does
work and brings about increasingly measurable benefits each year, either to the contributors or to the entire industry.

The management of the event proved equal to the task; the same can be said about the weather. Either seniors or juniors, everyone felt to be well cared and hence, the event set up the ideal atmosphere for the integration. A domestic air was virtually palpable, not only due to the children present on the meeting but also thanks to an uncommon setting with BIM Klaster Management operating the grill machine and serving delightful steaks. We enjoyed looking at the relationships among the participants. All we have to do is to follow the path. I am sure to see our cluster expanding from year to year.